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Competitive Analysis

The best way to survive in today’s business is to keep all your eyes open towards the competitor. It’s vital to understand that how you stand against your opponent when you decide to get a web hosting. This is what our report will convey it to you. Find below the strategy of Besiders, one of the leading SEO and Arabic SEO companies in Lebanon


Comparison builds the strategy

Your superior Competitive Analysis report will comprise all the potential details enclosed by our ample Website Audit and website development, plus an analysis considering you and your opponent’s competency.

You have the choice to choose up to 3 competitors and we will further investigate the comparison considering the entire feel and usability of the website.

With our Competitive Analysis Report, you’ll identify your contest potency and disadvantages.

The complete competitive analysis report will be comprising of major parts like recommendable advices for superior search engine optimization, link building services, graphic design, complete assessment of the website’s usability and access easy functions, analysis of the content kept on the site, analysis of the design and outlook of the website, keyword advice and recommendations and a full analysis comparing your strengths and weaknesses to your 3 chosen competitors regarding online marketing.

This completed report will cost around $2,250 but don’t be afraid of losing money. Once you get hold of this report, you will be fully satisfied that the information you have got now is worth more than the money you have spent. The report will have entirely functional information about your website’s pros and cons. The report will also assist in designing strategies which in turn will lead you to build a strong armor against the abilities of your competitor.

What’s more?

We understand that not everybody desires a high rank examination or is used to hire an SEO specialist. For newcomer websites, or people who are yet a bit tight on budget, our economical Usability Report may possibly be the entire solution to the requirement.

For individuals who desire a more profound analysis, our complete Website Audit is good option. With this testimony, you will cover all the details that you want to enhance for every feature of your website’s effort.

Add up to 30 more days of free consultation on email after your competitive analysis report has been delivered. Have us as the backup for every problem you face on the path of website business. We will cover a full 30 day consultation and troubleshooting program for you without any charge.

Move Ahead

We are ready to serve until you get satisfied. Contact us for a free consultation and advice on your website’s business or development or if you are already fed up of restricted business, order our competitive analysis report now.




Besiders has licence from mseo.com Washinglton DC USA.

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