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Below are a few common queries we have received for our search engine optimization services.

General SEO Faqs

What is XML Sitemap Setup?

A website normally has more than one page. And each page has a URL. XML Sitemap lists these URLs together with the meta data related to each page’s URL. The meta data provides the dates of the page’s updates, frequency of update, its relation to other pages in the site. When a web spider discovers a site, XML sitemap supplements the data the spiders need and at the same time, serves as guide the spiders when it tours around your site. It also points to other information contained in the other pages of your site thus increasing your site landing chances.

What is Content Optimization Enhancements?

Content optimization is another element of SEO. Content is another vital feature of your site since it contains the information needed by the user and the web spiders. The content is first and foremost written or provided for the users but the web spiders also weigh its relevance using scientific algorithms. The web spiders evaluate the keywords used, the keyword density and its placements in the whole document. We, at Besiders, can create and improve the content of an existing website to make it more crawlable for the spiders. No matter how informative your content may be if the spiders have a difficulty crawling into it, you find lesser chances in delivering to the user your valuable information. At Besiders, we also conduct keyword research to identify keywords or phrases that drives higher traffic volume.

What are `spiders` and why are they on my website?

Search engines uses complex computer programs that goes through the Internet to search for information related to the searched word or phrase. These computer programs are called spiders also known as, crawlers or robots. When a search is performed, the search engine will send the spider to crawl into the World Wide Web following links that connect one page to the other. Every time it stops at a certain page, it evaluates the page’s relevance and index it for its database. The more sites links to your site, the more frequent the spiders will come across your site and the higher your ranking rate will be. Google, the most used search engines relies heavily on their web spiders. Understanding the behavior of web spiders is an integral part of SEO.

What are Meta Keywords? Tags? Do I need them?

Meta keywords and tags are additional texts for easy indexing of web crawlers. These texts are not seen by the users but are related to the information written in your site. Meta Keywords are synonyms of the keywords you use and you can use meta keywords in SEO without actually changing the words on the page itself. Another use of meta keywords in SEO is emphasizing a word or phrase in the main body of your page content.

Meta tags on the other hand are HTML codes inserted into the header of your site’s web page. Meta tags are actually description tags for the search engines. Other meta tags include meta http-equiv tag, meta refresh tag, meta copyright tag, meta robots tag, meta author tag, etc. All these meta tags are not seen by the users but you certainly need them because they tell the search engines their exact location inside your site when it performs a search. It also provides concise information and data to the search engines.

Meta tags are important elements of SEO. You can have your SEO professionals do the tough job of optimizing your meta tags.

Can I skip On-Site optimization service?

Again, On-site SEO and Off-Site SEO can perform separately so yes, you can skip on-site optimization but it is not advisable. On-Site SEO equips your site for Off-Site SEO. Therefore, without on-site SEO, your off-site SEO cannot give your site the full benefits of search engine optimization. Besides, since you are already into SEO campaign, why not maximize the benefits you can achieve by optimizing your site using both SEO services?

I like the look of my website, why do I need to optimize it?

Do not be mislead by misconceptions that SEO practices can alter the look of your site. SEO touches more on the “unseen” features contained in your site. The optimization process will only organize and systematize the “behind-the-scenes” elements to make your site friendly for the search engines. Once it is search engine friendly, your site can get ranked on the top position and yet it still looks the same.

What are the benefits of conducting an On-Site SEO? Off-Site SEO?

On-Site and Off-Site SEO are like the Yin and Yang energies. They can perform separately but they do best when they are together. The benefits they bring ultimately points to the whole purpose of SEO. Though separately done, their results give a synergistic effect to the success of your site. Therefore, it is advisable to do both avenues of SEO to gain the highest quality of traffic volume.

What is Off-Site SEO?

Any search engine optimization done outside the site is Off-Site SEO. External optimization includes building links from other sites that create link juices, get listed in media sites and so on. On-Site SEO is less than half of the SEO job. The rest is taken by Off-Site SEO. Thus, On-Site SEO will not be enough for the optimization of your site. Off-Site SEO is necessary in the whole SEO campaign.

What is On-Site SEO?

On-Site SEO is basically optimization of the features in your site to make it more search engine friendly. These on-site features include content, page title and header tags, meta tags, XML setup, source code, keywords, URL and HTML structure, and the likes.

Optimization of on-site features in your website and the pages of your site will make your site easy to be indexed or found by the web’s search computer programs. On-site SEO is like making and providing a street map of your website so that search engines will find it easy to check the validity and relevance of the information contained in your site. At Besiders, we complete first the process of On-Site SEO to be geared up for Off-site SEO

What is the difference between an Organic SEO vs. Paid SEO?

When a search is performed, the search engine gives back to the user a list of web pages that is deemed relevant to the search word or phrase. The listing is called organic search result. They come out naturally because of their relevance to the topic being searched. On the other hand, there are listings that appear on top or to the right of the organic search results. These are called non-organic search results, often referred to as Sponsored results and technically called Pay Per Click advertisements. Studies show that users prefer to visit organic results over sponsored links.

A well-planned and carefully evaluated SEO campaign can place your site on the top rank position and at the same time get listed in non-organic or sponsored results, increasing your presence and visibility.

How are you able to accomplish all this?

At Besiders, we keep our consultants and specialists updated with the latest SEO practices such as page ranking techniques, link building, link structure designs, search engine indexing, content page optimization, title maximization, and many more. We will evaluate the current performance of client’s site and then combine our knowledge about all SEO techniques depending on the specific need of our client. But we do not stop at implementing the SEO plan; we will stand by with you as you watch how your optimized site is performing.

Do I need to know a lot about computers to use this service?

Definitely no. Besiders is created for this reason: to make your lives easy. You can continue doing what you do best while you can leave the flooding of your site traffic to us. Our SEO consultant will work alongside with you in every step of the way and will give you periodic reports regarding the improvements of your SEO campaign. We speak the language most understandable to you so there is no need to worry about being plagued by technical terms that we know are vague to you. We encourage you though to learn as much as you can about your SEO campaign because we want be as transparent as possible with our services and reports and the SEO process can get quite complicated, at times.

Why wasn’t my website initially optimized for better search results by my web design team?

Your web developer may be the best that you can afford but do not blame them for not optimizing your site. Web developers are trained to design or create websites that are attractive, meaningful, active and able to communicate to your target viewers. In more simple words, your web designers’ most basic job is to give you presence in the worldwide web. But remember that there are millions, perhaps, billions of other websites that co-exist with yours. Thus, you must make your presence felt by the search engines and the users.

Though your web designers can do things to improve your site’s performance, they do not have the expertise and technical know-how of creating web awareness in the context of SEO. Do not blame your web developers. They did their job well. The optimization of your site is beyond the scope of their professional training and industry. At Besiders, we have a pool of experts that can help your site be search engine optimized.

Why does my site show up well in search results, but not for the keywords I want?

There are no brick and mortar rules for search engine optimization. Much less, any concrete rules for optimizing a site for specific keywords. Familiarity and keyword density maybe causing the problem but then there are more factors to consider. Our search engine professionals can help you evaluate your site’s keyword performance.

Will the results be stable on a long-term basis?

The SEO services of Besiders will not leave you on shaky grounds. Search engines continually change and improve their search algorithms and we do not want our active subscribers to be left behind. Our SEO specialists will keep you abreast with these changes so that you will maintain your competitive edge.

What is “Link juice”? Do I need it for my website?

Link Juice is the term coined for the quality and strength of an inbound link. If your site traffic is increased because of an inbound link pulling traffic towards your site, then it can be said that the site has more juice in it. The more link juice a site will have, the more it can be perceived as qualitatively relevant by search engines which consequently increase ranking score. A link juice is important in getting traffic even if the search word or phrase is different from the site’s titles. Having more link juice is important for your site because it increases your chances of landing on the top ranking position in search engine results pages.

What are the most used Search Engines?

So far, Google is the most used search engine. Google claims that they have indexed over 3 billion pages which is a small estimate. Fact is Google serves more than 300 million users every day. Coming behind Google in the distant second and third spots are Yahoo! and MSN Bing, respectively.

What are my site rankings dependent on?

Different search engines use different criteria in evaluating the ranking position of a certain website and the factors that affect rankings are varied as well. Some of these factors are controllable like keywords, URL and HTML structures, title tags, and meta tags. These can be tweaked using SEO techniques to make your site easy to find both by users and the search engines. Search engines also provide tools for webmasters to help them measure SEO performance and also to help them become aware of the latest changes in their criteria.

What is Link Building and how does it help me?

Link building is one way of optimizing a website’s performance. It is simply getting other sites linked to your site. Inbound links can be built through reciprocal links, getting listed in newsletters, directories, e-zines and other popular sites. More relevant sites pointing towards your site means more chances of getting quality traffic, increasing your site’s visibility. Link building can also create awareness for your site and increase your credibility, thus, your popularity.

Why do websites need to be optimized?

A website basically contains information that needs to be given to someone who might be searching for it in the internet. But the Internet is a pool swarming with different websites containing same or almost the same information and if a site is not optimized chances is great that it will get drowned and become invisible, close to being non-existent at all. Optimization therefore is not only important but necessary. This is especially useful for websites used as a marketing tool.

Studies have shown that about half of the daily internet traffic is taken up by users who are searching for items or services to avail. Only about 20% of them get to visit the second listed site of the search results page. So if you’re selling something on your site, surely you want your site to be listed first and you can only do that through search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and why do I need it?

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique or method used to increase the quantity and quality of traffic for a certain website. Increasing the traffic can be obtained by ranking on top of the search engine results page, popularity, and link building with other sites. All these are part of SEO. Simply put, SEO is making your site easier to find by both users and the search engines.

How do Search Engines Work?

There are over a thousand billions of web pages containing information that exists in the internet and without the search engines, users would find it hard to get the specific information they want. Search engines are computer algorithms that searches the web for the information needed. Different search engines work in different ways but basically perform three tasks:

1) Index data, specially the keywords from the content, title and headers, available media of pages as well as page’s relation to other pages. Indexing is like making a road map around the maze of the World Wide Web. Search engines need to index all the information so they can efficiently perform searches rather than go around the Internet every time a query is sent.

2) Keep a database of the indexed information by performing regular crawls on the Internet. Different search engines conduct regular crawls on the Internet at different intervals, depending on how many spiders the search engine has. (Spiders, also called robots are computer programs that index the information.)

3) When a search is performed, the user usually types words or phrases of the information he wants to know. The search engine will then look on its database and return to the user a list of sites or pages that has the information needed by the user. This list is called the Search Engine Results Page or SERP.

Is my website relevant? How do Search engines evaluate my relevancy score?

The relevance of your website is the major determinant for your ranking in the search engine results page. Landing on the top rank is not a matter of luck but more of science. When the search engine’s spiders crawl on your site, they score the relevance of the information they find in your site and tabulate it. High score means higher ranking position. Generally, search engines evaluate your site based on the keywords you use, the contents of the site, page links, site popularity and use engagement, among others.

It is important to note that search engines change its ranking algorithms from time to time in an attempt to give back to the user the most relevant information. Hence, it would not be surprising to find out that a site ranking on top today may get buried deep in the results page the next day. This makes SEO extremely important to maintain or obtain competitive advantage.

Why are some websites listed higher than others?

A web page or web site is ranked according to its degree of relevance to the search word or phrase as deemed by the search engine. Search engines use complex algorithms, which they improve from time to time, to evaluate the relevance of a certain page or site. Search engines consider keywords, content, site structure, links, and the list goes on and it is quite impossible to make a brick and stone steps for getting the top ranks of the SERP list. However, a website can improve its ranking by search engine optimization (SEO) which basically aims to develop the site to make it more user and search engine-friendly.

Search Engine Submission

What is the cost of SEO?

SEO is always understood as an easy task although it is not. The cost and consumed time to gain higher ranking in search engines is basically determined upon the keywords one would desire to aim, the total number of keywords and the competency of keyword itself. Please fill our internet marketing quotation form and you will receive a price quote by our team shortly.

SEO is the most advanced and reasonably priced method of advertising your website or business which will prosper and turn in great earning or income in short period of time. As compared with other methods of advertising the prices are relatively very low always. You can check our packages online, or request a free consultation.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are very cost-effective judged against further types of promotion and publicity. There is no requirement to waste a wealthy amount of money in achieving optimization for your site. For a moderately little charge, it can radically revolutionize your trade.

You can also read our SEO page for full description of our SEO services

What if I can't write well for my website?

Never mind. We also offer content writing services which can revolutionize your copy optimized superbly.
Our SEO counselors can amplify your website position and sequentially produce enhanced quality sales leads and larger prospects to discover you on the web.
We at Besiders assist the entire clientele not considering their locality. Red Besiders SEO advisory will aid you achieve consideration. We'll also enlarge your customer base by serving go round guests into regular clientele through successful search engine promotion. Allow us to facilitate you in achieving your web site the interest its worthy of.

Am I stuck into a monthly SEO agreement?

No certainly not. We do not fasten you into a monthly deal and you may withdraw at any suitable time. We have gone across client who accomplished in achieving top rankings through us and then they revoked our services. Ironically they still keep that ranking maintained.

However we always recommend you to stay with us since every now and then, things change on the web. So it is essential to move along with SEO companies who are well aware of the changes since you would never want to lose your rank.

• Do you only work for Lebanese and Middle East based SEO clients?

Well, we are based in Lebanon but we work with SEO clients all over the world. We understand the market in the Middle east and have partners in the US who work jointly with us for other SEO requests in the world.

How does Besiders choose the best keywords?

Choosing the best keyword for your site is rather a tedious process. At Besiders, our SEO specialists will first think of words or group of words that will be appropriate for your industry or line of business. This is called the “brainstorming” stage. At this stage, we encourage you to be actively involved since we need all the information we need about your business and we are also open to your suggestions.

After a collection of keywords is made, each keyword is researched using online tools to see the volume and quality of traffic each keyword can possibly bring to your site. Based on the data gathered, we can then form a combination of keywords which we hypothetically think as best for your site. After the chosen keywords are optimized, we will continuously measure the performance it is delivering and refine the keyword if necessary.

Can I promote multiple keywords at the same time?

Yes you can. Actually, it is advisable to use variation with your keywords for the purposes of SEO. However, it is not recommended to use too many keywords since it will create confusion and will only distract the web spiders. Hence, it will destroy the quality of your site. Using a lot of keywords may actually bring harm to your ranking position rather than improve it. But if you really want to use multiple keywords, use the technique of keyword research. You can never go wrong with researching first the keywords you use before using them.

Why might I need extra elements added to my website?

The web spiders are computer programs that periodically visits the URLs submitted in its database and checks the status of these URLs, whether there are changes, additions, deletions or if it remains the same. The spiders rate the pages in its database every time it conducts probe visits. Adding extra elements are noted and indexed by the web spiders. Care should be taken though when adding extra elements to your site. Add only the most suitable and complete information to your content since web spiders do not measure the number of extra elements you have added but the relevance of these elements.

Is this the same as Off-Site optimization?

Search engine submission is part of Off-site optimization. Off-site optimization encompasses all optimization techniques that are performed outside the site to make it more crawl-able by search engines. Search engine submission is actually the start of off-site SEO.

What do you mean by Search Engine submission?

Search engine Optimization submission is forwarding URLs of your site’s pages to the search engines so that it can get indexed. Once it is indexed, it will get inputted in the search engine’s database and once a query is sent, your URL is already in the search engines memories for recall.

However, URL submissions do not affect your sites ranking ratings. SEO must still be done. We at Besiders are like hitting two birds with one stone. We practice search engine submission in the context of SEO not only for optimization benefits but also for long-term benefits.

What is the guarantee of providing a no.1 ranking?

There is no such SEO company that can guarantee your ranking on top; however we can surely guarantee that your site will be SEO correct, and meet the rules and requirements of major Search engines. There are many other aspects that no one can alter or modify for instance the effort put in by your competitor on his website, modification of ranking algorithms and of course newer websites adding daily to the internet.

Which Search Engines do you optimize for?

To reiterate, search engines uses different algorithms for ranking your sites. The dilemma that falls on the choice of what engine to optimize for is quite understandable. We say that you should optimize for all search engines.

A thorough SEO focuses on only one search engine’s requirement and behavior. Normally, at Besiders, we optimize website for Google, Yahoo and Bing. These three search engines rule over 95% of all search-related inquiries .

What are the benefits of Keyword researching?

There are millions of users who surfs the Internet for various information. Each of them usually varies in the usage of search words or phrases so do not expect to get the maximum traffic by just guessing the most appropriate keywords for your site. To illustrate, let’s say you are selling baskets made in Vietnam. Upon keyword research, we may find out that the phrase “Vietnam made baskets” is never used but the phrase “baskets made in Vietnam” gets 500 searches per day. We need not over-emphasize the importance of keyword research in this illustration. You can therefore use the more appropriate keyword through keyword research.

As an expert in SEO, we will do keyword research for you. We will check the keywords for each page in your site that you want to get indexed by major search engines and see its competitive performance. Hence, we will help you decide the best keywords to use in capturing the maximum web traffic you can get through the keywords you use.


How will I know if the business growth is a result of the top rankings in SERPs?

The primary objective of your business and the SEO campaign is to increase the profitability of the business by increasing the exposure of your business. Besiders creates a reports that highlights the increase in traffic to your site as a result of its optimization. It will also reflect the most successful areas as well as the ones that regularly needs tweaking to sustain its ranking in the search engines. The existing clients of Besiders are proofs of the successful SEO campaigns of the company. Its track record is a testament to the success of the clients and the whole company.

How do I know if the SEO conducted on my website is working?

At Besiders, we make all our SEO services simple and transparent. The SEO campaign you will receive from us will incorporate the services and production implemented by your business to ensure coherence. We initially provide you an outline of the processes that we will conduct to give you an idea of the internet marketing campaign we are optimizing. With the outline, you can easily see the developments done and trace the execution of the campaign. Besiders also provide monthly reports to illustrate the amount of traffic generated and other relevant statistics. You will be able to easily see the record of growth of you website as it naturally ranks on top of search engine results pages.

Can I measure the growth of my business or is it a one - time thing?

Yes, of course. You can follow up the growth and improvement of your websites ranking through the reports we will be sending you monthly. The report will contain detailed and easy to interpret information that allows you to keep track of your site’s progress and maturation. Our monthly report is based on the accumulated statics we have gathered on a continual basis. Obviously, you can appreciate your SEO endeavor more if you follow the growth of your site through periodic checks and not one time check.

How can I track the progress of my website traffic?

We assume that you already have some idea about the volume of traffic you received before engaging in an SEO campaign. At Besiders, we make our reports in-house to give you the best quality and transparent feedback so as not to mislead you. We give the reports on a monthly basis showing the progress of your SEO campaign and the improvements of your ranking.


Getting Started

Why Besiders ?

Well.. Besiders... Because we work Beside you !.. If you're not convinced, you can also read our about us page.

Some SEO companies are claiming that they have special relations with the search engines. Is it really true?

Certainly, such companies were simply making buy and sell process. They buy the sponsored PPC ad spot and will then resell them to you with a high mark up. Nobody has a “special relationship” with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and other search engines, and there’s no way to buy the top of the natural results. However, a professional SEO and ethical practices may give you such top results. Besiders professionals were directly trained from Google and they employ the most comprehensive SEO campaign, so we know what they are really looking for. As back up with our track records, our SEO procedure warrants top results.

Is it possible to know the extent of traffic my competitor site receives?

Unless your competitors flaunt their log file statistics in the open public, you cannot find out how much traffic they exactly get. You can find some comparative data of your competitors at sites such as Alexa.com, but they will never give you the exact amount of traffic that your competitors receive. You can only get that info if you have an access to the log file of a certain site, or to which you have installed some tracking code. But nobody can simply install such devices to their competitor’s site because one mainly needs server access to do so. Being said, tools such as Comscore, KeywordDiscovery competitive Intelligence, and Hitwise will provide you with some competitive analysis.

I submitted my own site by myself but it is not showing up in search engine results pages. Is it being penalized?

The site you submitted is not necessarily penalized or banned everytime it doesn’t show up in search engines. As long as the site does not contain deceptive qualities, it will not be penalized. However, if there are no links pointing to it from other sites or if it is not optimized for specific key word phrases, all the submissions in the world won’t get your site listed nor will it gain search engine traffic. Mostly, devious SEO organizations will apply unethical process and continuously submit your site to search engines to try to get to the top of the search engine results pages. But this will eventually cause blacklisting of your site or worse, penalization by search engines.

This makes it important to hire an accredited SEO professional to do the optimization of your site.

How come that most of the top listed pages often lack content?

It is a known fact that content is king and it is such a wonder that top pages of some keywords lack visible content. It is because content is not necessarily 250 words or more of text per page. The key is in the implied contents for the specific site. Your product offerings can also be your content. Take for example the sites of well known brands still ranking high for some very general keywords and without visible relevant content on their home page. Their famous brand that brings tons and tons of natural links to their sites can be causing this wonder.

Natural links are those that are added by website owners to their websites because of its relevance to what they are trying to build. This is often done by Bloggers and people on forum threads. To create such links for you website to give your website the link juice it needs is part of our SEO campaign. With this campaign, together with the proper optimization of your Meta tags, and several helpful techniques for your websites to gain real contents, you can surely rank on top of on the search engine results pages.

What are to be considered in a site submission package? What aspects should I be mindful of?

If you’re doing an instant search on "SEO Consultants," this add will likely appear: "We will submit your site to all 1500 search engines and guarantee you 14,000 hits on your first day!"

Sounds amazing and inviting! But don’t be deceived. First of all, out of the top 10-20 accredited search engines out there, you only need to submit your site to maybe eight (and even that is fairly generous). Secondly, no one can guarantee number of hits and that is an unfortunate reality. It is impossible to promise such result, especially on the first day. Only the large and well-established sites with extremely deep content get 14000+ hits a day.

Do not be afraid, there are still SEO consultants who are ethical and honest such as the Besiders. The ad that we found (Yes, that ad is a real one. No joke!) is undoubtly unethical, devious, and completely misleading.

Will we require access to your Web Server?

The answer is yes. Our SEO professionals will have to access your web server to optimize your website from the back end. . The process is known as a full on-site optimization where the structure and coding of your website is enhanced to make it more readable for search engines to begin thoroughly indexing your website. Do not worry, your site will have maintain its exact same look and content after the onpage optimization.

Be Cautious! Watch Out for these Important Considerations!

What if I only have limited funds?

Your desire to conduct an SEO strategy for your site implies your awareness in the importance of SEO marketing as a cost efficient way of maximizing the exposure of the marketing strategy for your business. Besiders would normally require a much larger budget as we provide a complete SEO overhaul. But our pricing model is just and fair in accordance to our competence and the results we guarantee and services we provide. Nevertheless, we have a pricing structure that we can offer clients in need of a more affordable SEO cost. We also allow our clients to make installment payments.

We are positive that you will agree with our pricing upon seeing your business or site name in the spotlight of all the search engine results pages.

What is the purpose of the activation fee?

To achieve compliance with current SEO standards, we have to conduct an initial content source code editing, and the cost of that is covered in the one-time charge collected upon signing of the contract. The process is absolutely crucial to establish a successful “starting-position” on the Internet.

Why is it important to sign a contract?

Our professionals allocate long periods of time doing plenty of researches and strategies in order to come up with the best results every time we perform an SEO service for the websites of our clients. The initial part of SEO requires concentration since it is often the hardest part of the process. To protect both you, the client, and our development team when the work gets underway, is the main purpose of the contract. In addition, the contract illustrates our commitment to you and for you to fully and clearly understand the services we will provide.

Besiders will outline the extensive areas of development that we promise to conduct as part of the SEO package to boost your site in Search Engines.

How should I get started?

You have to first consider if you really want to appear on top of the search results. That would sound very peculiar, but reality is that most people are actually coward of becoming very successful and they are afraid to face the challenge of change. Upon doing so, you need to sort out your organizations’ needs and eventually select a package that best suits it. Then, you can now fill out an order form and speak with one of our SEO Consultants who’s willing to assist and guide you throughout the process.



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